About the company

Company " A2 Engineering" , incorporated under the laws of Ukraine and is valid from March 2007.

The main activity as a contractor for the mechanical work is the procurement, installation and welding of different types of boilers ( steam , waste heat boilers and other PSU ) technological pipelines and process equipment for thermal, steam-gas combined cycle and nuclear power plants , installation of various containers and other equipment in the energy sector .

A2 has a staff of its own engineers , including fluent English, superintendents , foremen , welders of various kinds of metal with qualifications relevant to American , European and Russian standards , installers that work in teams and specialized units ( Boilermakers , pipefitters , turbinist, etc.) in general of more than 100 and during the period of peak volume of work, according to the approved schedules, more than 250 people.

The company has implemented an effective system of incentives and hourly pay of executive control personnel, we have certified welding technology for ASME at high pressure pipes, steam pipes, and, accordingly, we have certified welders, again, by the standards of ASME.

A2 Engineering Co., installation and welding